About Us

Campus Adventures aim is to be a perfect partner for you based on reliability, integrity, fair trade, loyalty and professionalism. Campus Adventures : 
  • Is an in-coming specialized Ecuadorian-Dutch tour-operator managed by its owners Camilo Andrade and Marjolein Rientjes.
  • Has more than 25 years experience in the tourism sector
  • Is a highly valued specialist in mountaineering and trekking
  • Has ample experience in Galapagos operations, other adventure, rainforest and cultural packages 
  • Seeks to offer you an excellent service
  • Offers a high quality product for a fair price
  • Provides sustainable tourism in Ecuador
  • Is flexible and fast in unexpected situations
  • Has trained and responsible staff
  • Is owner of Hostería Pantavi
  • Is your multi-lingual host when you are in Ecuador. We operate in: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Our Values
  • Safety first 
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Communication is fast, direct and fair-minded
  • Loyalty and reliability
  • Quality is prior to quantity
  • Questioning ourselves and our services, again and again
  • Good is not enough
  • Social values like humbleness, solidarity and fair treatment for all
  • Responsible tourism. We support, educate and stimulate communities
Company´s Philosophy

We are a receptive tourism company, especialized in adventure travel, mountaineering and convetional tours throughout Ecuador. We work in a responsable and profesional way adding security in everything, thus, offering quality, personalized service as well as reassuring with the operation commitment and fare prices. We deeply respect all human rights, the ESNNA act of commitment and the environmental rights.