Mountain Climbing in Ecuador

One of our passions and our world. We will help you to live a great experience in any of this mountains. 

Corazon 1 Day

   An old extinct and eroded volcano located in the southern part of Quito.

  A beautiful cone shaped extinct volcano located close to the Imbabura in the northern part of Ecuador.

  The name "Guagua" is the natives word for baby, and it has taken this name since it is young and still active.

  A nice volcano located in northern  Ecuador, where  we encounter Indian villages, tilled lands and the San Pablo Lake. 

Pasochoa 1 Day

  Located one and a half hour drive south from Quito. This is an extinct volcano with a huge open caldera on the western side. 

Rucu Pichincha 1 Day

  The name "Rucu” implies old, the vulcano makes out a great part of Pichincha's history.

Rumiñahui 1 Day

  Known as the Inca face. This volcano with craggy hillsides rising on either side is located north of Cotopaxi.

Antisana 2 to 3 Days

  This volcano is located on the eastern Andes and due to its remoteness and difficult access is less visited by climbers. 

Carihuairazo 2 Days

  This beautiful snow-capped volcano rises out of the Abraspungo Valley. According to Quichua mythology it means " man of snow and wind ".
Cayambe 2 Days

  This is the only snow-capped volcano in the world where the equator crosses the glacier. It is located in the Cayambe - Coca reserve. 

Cotopaxi 2 Days 

  Cotopaxi rises majestically on the eastern highlands of Ecuador. It is the second active highest volcano in the world. 

North Iliniza 2 Days 

  This is a great peak to start for those intending to attempt a higher mountain. 

Altar 2 Days

  The ascent of Altar is combined with a compulsory trek, since the approach to and from the mountain is very long. 

Chimborazo 2 Days

  Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador. It has always represented a symbol of grandeur to visitors.


  The Sangay is one of the most active volcanoes of Ecuador and can only be climbed combined with the Sangay trek.

South Iliniza 2 Days 

  This snow-capped peak is one of the best ice climbing mountains in Ecuador. The whole ascent is technical.