Altar 4 Days

The ascent of Altar is combined with a compulsory trek, since the approach to and from the mountain is very long. Altar is an extinct volcano and its huge caldera has seven ragged peaks. All of them bear church related names such as Obispo, Tabernaculo, Frailes, Monjas and Canónigo. 

  • Ragged peaks of the Altar caldera. 
  • Lakes of different colours. 
  • Snow capped volcano. 
  • Spectacular views of the Altar, Sangay, Chimborazo and Carihuairazo.
Climb specifications:
  • Demanding climb (it is the most technical climb in Ecuador). 
  • Highest peak Obispo at 5319m. 
  • Estimated climbing hours: 6 – 7h. Ascent, 3 – 4h. Descent. 
  • Need of technical equipment. 
Suggested period: Mid September to mid January.