Guagua Pichincha

The name "Guagua" is the natives word for baby and this parts of the Pichincha has taken this name since it is a young and still active part of the Pichincha volcano. The ascent to the crater does not cause much difficulties and from the crater rim you can observe the fumaroles which comes from the depth of the earth.

  • An active no snow covered volcano. 
  • Big crater with moon landscape. 
  • Fumaroles. 
  • Beautiful views.
Climb specifications:
  • Easy climb. 
  • Partly trail - partly rocky climb. 
  • Duration: 1 day. 
  • Accommodation in Quito. 
  • Estimated climbing hours from the village of Lloa: 5h. Ascent, 3h. Descent. 
  • No need of technical equipment. 
Suggested period: Whole year round.