Imbabura 1 Day

A nice volcano located in the northern part of Ecuador. At the foot we encounter Indian villages, tilled lands and the San Pablo Lake. Close to the summit there is a rocky section, but it is not a technical climb. You can climb the Imbabura during one day if you are based in the Otavalo or Ibarra area.

  • Nice volcano with no snow. 
  • Nice views to the landscape, Indian villages, volcano Cotacachi and the San Pablo Lake. 
Climb specifications: 
  • Easy climb. 
  • Duration: 1 day. 
  • There is a well marked path to the summit. 
  • Accommodation in either in Ibarra, Otavalo or at the foot of Imbabura, La Esperanza. 
  • Estimated climbing hours: 5h. Ascent, 3h. Descent to La Esperanza. 
  • No need of technical equipment.
Suggested period: Whole year round.