Rumiñahui 1 Day

Known as the Inca face. This volcano with craggy hillsides rising on either side is located north of Cotopaxi and from its summit the views are very exciting. 

  • Beautiful views to the Cotopaxi, Limpiopungo lake, river valley, Sincholagua and the grassy paramo vegetation. 
  • Nice volcano with no snow. 
Climb specifications: 
  • Easy climb. 
  • There is a path from Limpiopungo valley to the summit. 
  • Duration: 1 day. 
  • Accommodation in Quito, Machachi, Lasso, Hacienda Porvenir, Tambopaxi hut at 3800 m. or tented campsite at 3800m. in the Cotopaxi National Park. 
  • Estimated climbing hours: 5h. ascent, 3h. descent from Limpiopungo. 
  • No need of technical equipment. 
Suggested period: Whole year round.