Inca Trail 4 Days

This trek takes us along the royal road that linked Cusco with the northern empire of Quito. Some sections of the path are still in well preserved condition. We walk through the Andes, we pass tilled lands and lakes. The highest spot of the trek is 4300m. We pass the Paredones ruins and on the last day we reach the famous Ingapirca fortress, the best Inca heritage in Ecuador.


  • Walking on an old Inca Road. 
  • Inca ruins (Paradones and Incapirca). 
  • Paramo vegetation and lakes. 
  • Encounter with native people. 
Trekking specifications
  • Min. altitude: 3300m. 
  • Max. altitude: 4000m. 
  • Walking hours: 5-7 per day. 
  • Trails: Only visible trails. 
  • Luggage: Carried by pack animals. 
  • Suggested period: March to December.
Suggested period: