Sangay Trek 8 to 12 Days

Sangay is one of the most active volcanoes of Ecuador. The National Park Sangay took its name after this volcano. The Sangay area harbours a great wildlife including some big game such as mountain tapirs, deer and spectacle bears. It is located in the eastern cordillera about 200km. south of Quito. The highest spot is 5230m. and presents some volcanic activity, although its activity has decreased in the last 5 years making the ascent safer than before. The long march to the foot of the volcano is quite demanding and requires a good physical fitness and an adventure spirit. The trekker or climber has to negotiate with difficult terrain sometimes but the reward of walking through this amazing wilderness is unique and unforgettable.


  • The ascent of a very active volcano. 
  • Very remote location. 
 Trekking specifications 
  • Min. altitude: 3200m. 
  • Max. altitude 3650 and 5230m. with summit of Sangay. 
  • Walking hours: 2 – 14 hours per day. 
  • Trails: Difficult trails with ascent, descent and river crossing. 
  • Luggage: Carried by pack animals. 
Suggested period: December and January

Grade: Challenging to tough depending on the weather.