Sigchos Trek 7 Days

This trek goes through the most varied and interesting ecosystems of the highlands. It starts at an altitude of 2500 m and descends through cloud forests to reach finally the tropical rainforest of the western Andes. Moreover, we will encounter small indigenous settlements along the way and learn about their way of life and customs. On this trek we can observe a great variety of birds and plants, we should be ready to walk on muddy paths, jump over small brooks and deal with the hot climate of the last days. Mosquito repellent and a pair of binoculars should not be missed. This trek is simple organized and most you have to carry by yourself so ideal for young people with interest in trekking.


  • Different ecosystems 
  • Cristal clear Brooks and rivers 
  • Great array of flora and fauna 

Trekking specifications 
  • Min. altitude: 500 m. 
  • Max. altitude: 2500 m. 
  • Walking hours: 3 – 7 a day 
  • Luggage: most carried by yourself, heavy equipment carried by pack animals.
Suggested period: All year