Yanaurco Trek 4 to 7 Days

This trek in Northern Ecuador leads us to one of the most interesting areas of the northern highlands. The Cotacachi-Cayapas native reserve offers the opportunity to observe different vegetation zones, tilled lands, mountain villages, Andean forest, lakes, mountains and pre-Colombian ruins. Yanaurco with its 4535m. is one of the highest mountains of the area. Here the condor, vanishing symbol of Ecuador, still soars in the skies.


  • Meeting locals of this remote area. 
  • The ascent of Yanaurco 4535m. 
  • Diversity of the Andean flora. 
  • Observation of cóndores. 
  • Observation of pre-Colombian ruins, a great legacy of a warrior past. 
  • Giant cushion plants (only to be found in Ecuador). 
  • Archaeological sites.
 Trekking specifications
  • Min. altitude: 2800m. 
  • Max. altitude: 4535m. (Yanaurco peak) 
  • Trails: Mostly trails. The ascent of Yanaurco is steep and most of it pathless. 
  • Walking hours: 4 -8 a day. 
  • Luggage: Carried by pack animals. 
  • Suggested period:March to December although the period January and February also can offer nice weather.
Suggested period: