Mountain Biking in Ecuador

Ecuador is a biker’s paradise and while exploring we will take you off the beaten path. With its three very different natural regions highlands, Amazon rainforest and the Pacific coast, Ecuador offers a great range of incredible biking routes through the most varied and amazing landscapes. We have our own bike operation of longer tours with specialist guides and logistic support. Itineraries are tailormade according to your preferences. 
In Ecuador you can bike
  • On the slopes of active volcanoes 
  • On the rim of a beautiful turquoise crater lakes 
  • To quiet rural areas and encounter hidden lakes 
  • Through dense and humid cloud forest with orchids and bromeliads 
  • Into small remote villages to meet the local people and visit the markets 
  • Under the waterfalls and crossing rivers 
  • Through dryforest with cactus of all sizes and many birds 
  • Among flocks of llamas and vicuñas 
  • Viewing the majestic Andes range with the condor soaring in the sky 
  • Crossing the courtyards of colinial haciendas and feel the air of past 
  • Through plantations of banana, pineapple, sugarcane, coffee and flowers 
  • Next to the pacific Ocean passing beautiful beaches and small fishing villages 
  • Admiring the fasinating and impressive paramo vegetation 
  • In the tropical forest with exotic birds flying above your head 
  • Through the highlands next to the chagras and their cattle