Biking Services

Campus Trekking offers the following services during all longer biking programs:

Guide: Specialized bilingual biking guide who knows all routes and is knowledgeable about flora, fauna and cultural aspects.

Driver: Experienced in bike operation who drives the back up vehicle and knows how to handle an emergency.

Back up vehicle / transportation: Departure from and to your address in Quito. For small groups we use a jeep with a bike rack for transportion of both passengers and bikes. At all time the jeep will be back up in route.

For bigger groups we use a bus for transportation of passengers and apart a jeep with bike rack for transportion of bikes. At all time the jeep will be back up in route.

Meals: Well-balanced, delicious and hygienically prepared by our well-trained cooks also for those with special dietary requests.

Luggage: Transported by jeep or bus.

Security: Guide and assistant use radios to communicate and furthermore carry mobile phones, tool kit and a comprehensive medical kit. In case of health problems or an emergency during the program, we have organized evacuation schemes.

Environmental undertakings: Our personal is trained not to leave any waste in the nature, all litter is carried back to Quito.