Along the Upper Napo

Casa del Suizo 
La Casa Del Suizo is located on the shores of the Napo River. Perfect for families with children or those who want a comfortable jungle experience. 


Yacuma Lodge 
With every visit you can not only experience the true nature of the Yacuma Protected Forest Reserve but also support the school of the community.

Liana Lodge  
Swiss run jungle lodge located in a 1000 hectares protected forest called “Selva Viva” on the shores of the Arajuno River in the Napo province. 

Cotococha Lodge 
The lodge is located in an area that forms part of the Upper Amazon Basin which is characterized by small Quichua communities and abundant vegetation. 


To be updated 


Jardin Aleman 
The comfortable jungle lodge is surrounded by 125 hectares of primary and secondary forest and has a beautiful view over the rivers Misahualli and Pununo. 

Hamadryade Lodge 
To be updated