Kapawi Lodge

The lodge is located on the Pastaza River, on the most remote area of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. The Kapawi Lodge is only accessible by small aircraft and it is the most spectacular place in the tropical rainforest. It was built in partnership with the indigenous organization OINAE and the Achuar people and was completed in 1996. As planned, the management of the Lodge was transferred to the Achuar people over the years. Since January 2008, the Achuar people run and manage the Lodge independently. 

The Kapawi project is a ground breaking example of how private tourist companies work together with and indigenous group sharing benefits and respecting the land and traditions of the people. An Achuar can recognize every one of the 5000 species of birds found in Kapawi and it is said that an Achuar is a living encyclopedia. When visiting Kapawi you will be lead by an Achuar guide as well as a naturalist guide and both of them will make your experience unforgettable. Kapawi is the maximum experience and all activities are designed to suit each passenger or group interests and physical condition. 

  • The Lodge was created using the Achuar concept of architecture without a single metal nail. The Lodge can welcome up to 54 passengers that can be accommodated in 18 very comfortable double rooms. Each room has a private bathroom, sun-heated showers and electricity provided by a photovoltaic system. 
  • Every room is located on the shore of the Kapawi Lake and each has its private terrace with an incredible view. Mosquito nets and fly-screens in the window protect you against the mosquitoes. It is possible to make triple rooms out of the double rooms. Furthermore you have the possibility to camp in the communities.
  • Lounge with view of the Kapawi River 
  • Dining room 
  • Bar 
  • Little shop at the bar 
  • Solar energy 
  • Trash recycling system 
  • Library 
  • Laundry service 
  • Security deposit box 
  • Canoe for the passengers 
  • Internet SI WI FI connection USD 2,30 per min. 
Itineraries and Departure Days
  • 4-day programs leaving every Friday with a minimum of 2 passengers 
  • 5-day programs leaving every Monday with a minimum of 2 passengers 
  • 8-day programs leaving every Monday or Friday with a minimum of 2 passengers 
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